Our factory trained technicians have years of experience repairing motors with feedback devices. After approval of your repair quote, a routine dismantling, cleaning, and inspection process begins on your unit. Our technicians find, repair, and replace any defective or worn parts. We have the ability to diagnose and correct mechanical issues such as shafts, sleeves, end bells, housing, brakes and bearings. Our state of the art test equipment allows us to diagnose issues with encoders, resolvers and stator windings.

Our rebuild process ensures that everything is reinstalled, properly sealed, repainted and tested. All repairs are tested for quality assurance and must meet certain performance standards before leaving our facility. We maintain an extensive array of test equipment and offer complete run-testing and alignment of feedback devices to OEM specifications. Our software ensures that your feedback device is realigned correctly. We maintain the highest standard of quality control and take pride in our workmanship to guarantee that every motor is performing to its specifications.